Paul Catanese, Hybrid Media Artist

2009 | Digital Print

Ocean Rodeo Rods Cones was created as part of a special invitation by Pheobe – a journal of literature and art at George Mason University, which has been publishing original works since 1971 – for their Spring 2009 journal edition. For this project, I created a front and back cover, six interior spreads, and a series of edge images that can be viewed forwards or backwards, depending on how the journal pages are fanned out. The digital print, Ocean Rodeo Rods Cones, which measures 48 x 12 inches originally was printed across several full-page spreads of the journal. It was additionally printed as a single image in an edition of two; one of which resides in the Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries Collection at Wright State University. Detail images from the print are located below.