Paul Catanese, Hybrid Media Artist

2006 | Edition Variée of 10

Hunting Prayer View 1
About this Print
I was invited by Barbara Foster, head of the Art Department at San Francisco State University, to be the guest artist during her Advanced Printmaking Class for the Spring of 2006. As the guest artist, students in the class had the opportunity to work with me in creating an editioned print of an image from my Hunting Prayers installation. As a result of this collaboration, New Prayer for St. Anthony was created over the course of the semester. This 16 x 21" Edition Variée combines several processes including lithography, woodblock, gold stenciling and wet-in-wet watercolor.

Special thanks to Barbara Foster, Eric Sanchez of the Kala Art Institute for his assistance, the students of the class (Maile Denlea, Aaron Granich, Sonya Katcher, Alex Martinez, Andres Montano, Richard Shields, Anahita ol Eslami & Chano Uribe) for all their hard work and also to the SFSU Print Guild for its assistance in funding this project.

Inquiries regarding prints should be made to the sales coordinator at the Kala Art Institute.